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5/5 ⭐ | 90' (The Kendall Family Book 1) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

This opening installment to the three book series revolving around the siblings of the Kendall family focuses on the youngest and sole brother of the crew: Theo. Weathers-Grey takes us into the dynamic relationships of the Kendall family, to include the guidance they receive from their parents.

Theo has a history of going after what he wants and it's a theme that holds true from his past, to the present of where this story takes place. Weathers-Grey uniquely bends time with her storytelling to answer the pertinent questions almost as quickly as they are raised.

Theo fears nothing, no one, and particularly no consequences! Even though Theo appears to have all the apparent luck in the world, though there is one mistake he holds hidden away that he must correct.

How far will Theo go to right his wrong? How will it affect the remaining members of the Kendall Family? Well I strongly suggest that you set your clocks back to '90 and continue the journey forward with Alicia Weathers-Grey and this well constructed novel!

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