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5/5 ⭐️ | The CDB Scholarship Monthly Planner

This one of a kind Scholarship Planner is a finite tribute to the honor of Craig D. Butler as well as the dedication and service of his daughter, Founder and Author of The CDB Scholarship Foundation, Khadijah Butler.

This informative monthly guide covers your year by telling you what to look for, when to look for it and, more importantly, where to find it. Ms. Butler does everything with this cover to cover guide to higher education but apply for the scholarships for you!! She provides information to Scholarships and award programs that some of us may have never known existed, all the while, guiding our steps in how to access them.

Khadijah has exemplified her status as the poster child for "Do not put off until tomorrow, what you can start today"! After purchasing this informative guide, there will be no reason why one could not begin their child's journey toward higher education. Some of the scholarships are accessible during the elementary school years!

Overall, with this planner Ms. Butler has proven to be "A Sound Steward of Scholarship and one worthy of nothing less than a Star Studded Salute"!

Click the Book to get Your Copy!

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