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Book Promotions

Our platform offers services for Authors to receive more publicity through social media for their books. By creating stylish posts and advertising of their literary work and art. The Authors Spot has a Book Blog, Facebook Page, Reading Groups, Podcast, Newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Please refer to our highlighted titles below when filling out the request for blog posts and social promotions.

Book Placement - $25

Your book and a sale link will be placed into The Authors Spot’s Facebook shop. Which makes it eligible to be tagged in a post. By placing a book in the shop it immediately is shared throughout our follower’s newsfeed. This post is also shared into our reading groups. Check out now!


Social Posts - $35

Book placement, book mock-ups, and a tagged sale post on our Facebook page. Your book post will then be shared into 4-7 book promotions and reading groups. Which have hundreds of thousands of members combined. You will see the shares on your post. Check out now!


Posts Boosted - $45

You will receive the book placement and social posts options. In addition your tagged sale post is Boosted for 3 days. A boosted post is technically an ad which is promoted through news feeds. Check out now!


Blog & Review - $35 and up

Your book review will be posted on our blog. In addition it is posted at no cost to Instagram, Amazon, and Goodreads. The blog post of the review will be shared to multiple reading groups. These groups are not for authors promoting their books. These are groups with people who are book readers and engaging members. Click the picture or Request A Promotion below.


To request your book promotion or blog post please click (request) below.

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