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WHAT'S HOT?? 🔥 Released: October 18, 2022

BAITED By The BEAST || Journee Jordan

23-year-old Sekani Mitchell thinks she has everything figured out, not realizing there are a few secrets that surrounds her. She has a good life with her husband Andre, and she can’t imagine being with anyone else, until Mordecai Dallas shows up in her life and opens her eyes to a whole new world.

26-year-old Mordecai Dallas is busy ruling his empire as the alpha king. Having lost both his mother and brother at such a young age, he thinks he can handle anything until his past returns to haunts him, destroying everything he has built for himself. In addition to that, he quickly discovers that his soulmate, the one destined for him, is married to someone else. Are they going to end up together? Will Mordecai be able to overcome the obstacles against him or will he give up?

Grab your copy today! (click the book)

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