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Updated: May 30, 2022

“In this world, yes in this life, and in my life, there is always grieving, and yes sometimes I feel that this life has no meaning. Sometimes it feels like there is no God, so who are we really believing in?” An excerpt from page 9 (In this World).

Following on from his recent poetry collection, talented poet, Ronnell Beaty returns with this, his latest offering and follow-up anthology, titled What a Dream. Much like the first anthology, this book delves into different subjects that made for an evocative read. It’s a collection of ten-chapter poetry, all of which touches on deep insightful topics.

The book touches on the theme of unconditional happiness as illustrated in the poem titled “Laughter Is Good Medicine.” I admire the author’s description of Atlantis in the poem Atlantis. The depth of assurance and solemnity inscribed in the poem titled “I Will Try” is weighty, in a way that it had me thinking after the last line has been read.

Some of my most admirable poems within this collection were those titled, In this World, I will Try, Thee Age of Enlightenment – that discuss the present realities in our world, with some lines and stanzas expounding on the inevitability of the afterlife.

I admire the margin of questions raised in the poem titled Love, many of which resonates with my “long time” queries about love, its complexity, and its features. I shall resist revealing further as an attempt to keep this review spoiler-free. However, I’d love to say that this short poem book is quite an interesting read. I recommend this book to lovers of poetry and literature at large.

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