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5/5 ⭐ | Meth Murder & Amazon (A Humorous Real Life Nightmare) by G. S. Gerry

For anyone that has sold, or is considering selling your house, “Meth Murder & Amazon” is a hilariously relatable and yet extremely outrageous read.  Mr. Derald Grake lives on a charming cul-de-sac, Hershey Squirtel Lane.  Looking to join the millions of other families that buy and sell homes every year, he decides to throw his home in the ring, seeking to sell high and buy low as his family moves to the Shred Shine State to be closer to MemeMa who suffers the dreaded jellybean disease – see what I mean from outrageous and yet relatable? 


The title “Meth Murder & Amazon” says it all as Mr. Grake’s attempt to sell his house encompasses meth, murder, and yes even Amazon.  The absolute insanity of the many attempts to get his house sold for even $4.89 includes the ever-relatable cleaning, prepping, listing photos, descriptions, all of it is stressful yet seemingly necessary steps.  Author G. S. Gerry takes such a serious and taxing real-life process, which millions of people embark on annually, and writes in such a manner that makes it fun, hilarious, and something you can’t take too seriously.  Despite all the shenanigans within “Meth Murder & Amazon,” this book is simultaneously relating to literally everything within.


From the names of the characters, like his wife Sergeant Shredded, to the state they currently live in, The Sky Scrapin’ State, to the realtor's aka assassins hired, like Dawbee the Snobby, everything is over the top.  Written in an enjoyable and easy to get sucked into way, readers will laugh their way through each and every page of Gerry’s humorous, real-life nightmare.


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