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"Hello, gentlemen. Which one of you is Master Jack Cracklock?" An excerpt from page 116.

Following on from Anastasia's attempt to have Jack in the first book, Fae or Foe? It's exciting to see this mystifying story develop into another adventure of The Lost and The Departed, just like Fae or Foe, this book interestingly held me captive until I finish indulging my emotions in it.

In the first couple of chapters, Sammy was helped by Elsie to remember the scenarios of events that befell her husband, David who had gone missing for a long time, memories of his whereabouts were obscure to her, the glamor placed over Sammy made her believed that David was dead. She had lived through time nurturing a fake idea of her husband's whereabouts, when she gained some knowledge, she couldn't hold her tears.

The cruel lady, Anastasia, was furious about what had happened the day before, her son, Benedict had been terribly hurt, and she determined in her mind that she was going to deliver Jack to Aunt Agatha, and whilst doing it, she would inflict as much pain on David and Sammy. She schemed with Malchiah, another lousy character to have Jack delivered to Agatha.

The introduction of Roly, and the silly LaFey twins is quite intriguing to me. Again, Anastasia had connived with Mason and Tyler to look after Jack's house and notify her whenever they're back, while reading this part, I comically said to myself, "the LaFey twins aren't contented with their already made trouble, seem they want more..." but they'd no option, their hatred towards Jimmy, and greediness made them comply easily.

My favorite crews: Dorcas, Fermy, Jack, and Jimmy, after escaping the Lisovyk and after they've met their new friend, Roly - eventually got home, they were shocked to see everywhere in shambles, Dorcas narrated what had happened to Sammy and Elsie, they were all taken aback. However, Elsie and Sammy arrived home, they met with others and became strongly united, after some deep conversation, it was time to visit Roly's world, when they arrived at Roly's Realm, they were able to learn some interesting facts that could be of help to them, the Focus, Dr. Cracklock's indulgence, and most importantly, David's disappearance, he had been there, he had left a letter for Timothy on the Altar.

They returned home, and the LaFey twins, after sensing their return quickly informed Anastasia. They were in the house when Anastasia and Malchiah showed up unannounced. Jack, Jimmy, Fermy, and Dorcas were meanly attacked, and Elsie was left defeated. I love Anastasia's characterization, though I hate her personality, however, I love the way she speaks, she has a style of speaking cruelly but humorously, one that makes for an interesting read. The book displayed some level of humor in the characters' conversation, just like the section where Roly and Jimmy were dealing with the obstinate LaFey twins, I laughed uncontrollably reading this part.

It was interesting to know that old Binks was instigated by Dr. Cracklock and his witch mother. Sammy, and Jimmy, through the help of Roly, had an agreement with him, they loosed him, and hide him inside the Cartulary, in exchange for the location of their captured friends. When both terms had been met, they set on their way, there are some funny experiences on the way, many of which cracks me up, I admire Jimmy's shrewdness, especially the way he dealt smartly with the guards.

I shall resist revealing further in an attempt to keep this review spoiler-free, but it was interesting to read about the capture of Jack by Malchiah and Agatha, and how he was made to travel to another realm in search of the Realm Pillar, he was forced and threatened to do this, otherwise, the life of his friends will be in danger. However, there are a lot of interesting turns out from here, Jack met with his grandad, he acquired some knowledge, returned, and the whole story took another awesome transition.

One feature that I admire about this book, and with which Craig never fails at, is making the story read scenically, I admire his storytelling techniques, his style of writing is one that I'd love to learn from, his word-building, character development, plot twist, reads quite dynamically, one with which you can paint imagery in your head and view each chapter as if you're watching a movie, this is undoubtedly a perfect literary work. What more can I say? I look forward to reading the third book series, and I'd recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and literature at large.

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