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The Killing of a Shadow by J.F Hilley

A gripping, and suspenseful story

This is my first time experiencing the work of J. F Hilley, and I must say that I am intrigued by her plot, writing style, story development, and transitions. With an impressive blend of romance, Jennifer delivers a suspenseful, captivating, and emotional read that got me loving some characters and hating others. Thoughtful, disturbing, wise, and engrossing. The Killing of a Shadow reads like one of those murder movies.

This book detailed the life of the protagonist, Alex, an Air Force young lady who was deployed to work in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Alex is hunted by her past, the death of her mother, and the hell her father made her through. They come to her in the form of nightmares. While in her new country, Alex is introduced to interesting people in the name of Liam, Tate, and other people. They started as acquittance until Alex, who grew up alone, without siblings, began to see these people as her brothers. They shared an interest in her work, mission, and her well-being.

The story took a fantastic switch when a huge request hit Alexandra from the hard head Captian Marc. I hate Marcs's characterization, for a man to be full of strife, envy, and hatred at the same time. He had come up with the huge request of having Asim Barzan Majid, who was also referred to as the Shadow, killed. Asim is an inhumane, and cruel beast who has done horrible things to girls, and ladies. He would rape them, mutilate their body parts, and eventually kill them.

Having seen pictures of the victims of Asim's wickedness. Alex contemplated her response if truly she would accept the request to kill Asim or let him go. After much deliberation, Alex eventually accept to embark on the mission of killing the Shadow. This was followed by seasons of training, and endurance as Alex spent months preparing to kill cruel Shadow.

I would restrict from revealing more in an attempt to keep my review spoiler free, however, I would love to leave you to find out if Alex can conquer the Shadow. Captain Marcs also came with his bit of challenges. This alongside the killing of the Shadow made for a suspenseful, and gripping story. I love the scenarios of the event that happened between Alex and Marcs in her room. I also admire the description of the scene where Alex met Asim.

I need to say that author Jennifer is so skilled at describing the events in this book. Each chapter made me paint an image in my head as I read along like I'm watching a movie. The Killing of a Shadow is an enthralling read and I am compelled to check out other works by J.F Hilley. With a great blend of graphics, suspense, and action. I was left glued to the book until the last page has been read. Scenic, brave, didactic, reminiscent. I recommend this book to lovers of murder thrillers, and literature at large

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