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"After our holy prayers for the pastor, I have determined that Jermaine is soulless. Although his body is still viable, his spirit has left its container, and now there is a high probability that he is lost somewhere in the universe, not knowing if he's alive or dead. This experience for him is classified as an acute OBE. It could become deadly for him if his spirit doesn't return to the flesh before it begins to shut down." An excerpt from page 225.

James McGill's The Alien Agenda is a book that held me captive until I finished indulging my relatable emotions in it. It is deeply introspective, extremely spiritual, and counteracting certain notions about spirituality and the world itself.

This book detailed the life of the protagonist, Marcus Marriott, a colonel who has longed being fascinated with space, his love for the planet and the celestial bodies began in his childhood days. United States President, Monique, had seen his diligence and vast knowledge of the space and had selected him to conduct an interview with a space-time traveler. The visitation of Az3-Pi, an extraterrestrial being to the Earth was enthralling to me, the instance whereby he met with the world leaders to have a conversation about the status of the world, and humanity was something that I find quite dynamic, this part is made up of features that look quite scenic to me.

The adventure and transition of Monique and Marcus meeting Az3-Pi, coupled with his meeting with the world leaders truly made for an interesting read. Az3-Pi revealed how humans have rendered Earth uninhabitable for their selfish interest, how much they've caused wars, destruction, unnecessary hostility between nations, poverty, etcetera, while reading this part, I paused in my contemplations and mused, "this is the sort of message that our leaders need to be told." However, this book contains some biblical notions that are contemplative, many of which counteracts my intuition, even as a Christian.

Following the world meeting, Az3-Pi helped make a positive change globally, and the masses felt reborn, but I will resist revealing the aftermath of this happening to keep this review a spoiler-free, however, I'd love to say that I admire the Out of Body Experience that Marcus's brother, Reverend Jermaine experienced in page 217, this part, coupled with its supernatural features intrigues me a lot. I'd also love to say that this book has some cogent information to convey from the sort of conversation that exists between the characters, with an exposition into matters of human annihilation, hatred, environmental awareness, the truthiness of the human behavior, the effect of human activities on Earth, and many more concepts expounding on the themes of spirituality, the Afterlife, incarnation, preservation of world resources, among many others.

The setting of the novel is futuristic, it's told as an upcoming event with most scenarios occurring in the year 2028, though some events are already experimenting themselves in our present times. It's written in the first-person point of view, with a dynamic style of storytelling techniques, plot twists, and characterization, the characterization of people like Reptilods, Ultraka54, and Jermaine intrigues me. This is my first time reading, James McGill's novel and I look forward to reading more of his future works. I'd love to recommend this book to lovers of spirituality, science fiction, fantasy, and literature at large.

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