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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | What Is Conspiracy?

Updated: Jan 3

Conspiracies broken down into the reality that they are and I loved it. A truly amazing book. At the beginning the author has intricately defined conspiracies and terms that are associated with them. This really blew my mind because I am a definite believer in conspiracy theories so to see the differences, some time subtle and other times not was definitely educational.

Honestly the entire book was educational for those who are awake as well as those who might not think so much on these subjects. The author has a very unique way to maneuver through the book as well with arrows and links taking you throughout the book, very nicely done.

Touching on history, criminal investigation, political science, psychology, and philosophy just to name a few. The author breaks down all aspects of conspiracies. How they come to be and why. I feel like everybody should give this a read. It is amazingly eye opening. The examples used to help the reader understand as well as the graphics I found to be appealing.

I found this to be a great learning experience as a believer in conspiracies. For those of you who may doubt them or don't believe at all; I implore you to read this book. There is a tremendous amount of excellent information to be learned within!!!

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