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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | What Happened at Sisters Creek

A chilling and terrifying story taking place in the national forest. The author had me from the beginning scenes. A young boy survives a tragic ordeal with his family. A search team goes into the wild terrain to catch some criminals and go missing.

A corrupt sheriff assembles his own team, which gives good dynamics to the character building of the story. This dark and gruesome novel has everything needed to make a perfect tale of terror and will definitely keep you reading.

The entire novel was very suspenseful with plenty of gore and rather intense at times. The family of cannibals is intense. Their description by the author completely brings these monsters to life. I'm really big on endings and What Happened at Sisters Creek did not disappoint.

At times I would have liked to know the origins of the cannibals, however; the story is very solid and stands well on it's own. I'm excited to read the author's next endeavor and can only hope that he sticks with the horror genre.

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