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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | Gilraen Regnant

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

A fantastic conclusion to a brilliant and mind blowing series!!! With every element a reader could ever possibly desire, Gilraen Regnant delivers. Fantasy, action, strategic battle and battle planning; at the same time there is power struggles, envy, jealousy, and it all comes with a high recommendation.

I try to stay away from spoilers but there are two I will provide; one blatant, the other not so much. The blatant one is that we have reached the doom of the Adjudicars; or have we?? As the book begins Gilraen and King William with there forces March to do battle with the forces of the last of the Adjudicars. Cardinal Valciago scared of King William's power and popularity; seeks to destroy him and restore power to the Adjudicars. The other spoiler is that this amazing series as it ends leaves possible openings for more books.

On both sides of the battles as in other books of the chronicles are an array of elves, dwarves, orcs, and humans. There are also other species such as the sea elves, I found them to be neat. Point being the world building never stops from the author!!!

Gilraen has plenty of her own problems in this final installment of the chronicles or at least so far. Jharlmor Azzele doesn't like her authority of the dwarves and wishes to restore his authority at any cost. Queen Ancalimë of the hidden elves also thriving with jealousy wishes to destroy Gilraen as well.

With the cards stacked where will everyone stand when everything plays out. There are definitely many complex options that are possible endings but it comes down to good versus evil. Gilraen and King William versus the last of the Adjudicars and when all is said and done what will become of Tony??

I truly enjoyed all seven of the books. The first trilogy was excellent but I think I personally liked the four book series better. There was so much detail put into the world building and character building it is amazing to see it all unfold as you read through the books one by one!!! The Jaralii Chronicles are a legacy; excellent fantasy reading!!!

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