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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | Gilraen and the Guilds: Gilraen and the doom of the Adjudicate

Another mind blowing fantasy book in the collection of Gilraen story. The second book in the second collection of Gilraen stories. So at the least you should read Gilraen Returns so you will know what is going on. Personally I would recommend starting with at the beginning with the first trilogy.

The first half of Gilraen and the Guilds will be a thrill to those into warfare. There is a lot of weapon building, strategic battle planning. With wars in the east and more wars to the west, Gilraen goes undercover, yes a man in a virtual reality that is a female elv goes undercover. All I can say is awesome!!!

So the people of Jiralii have to discern who the enemy is and strategize how they will join the fight!! Are Adjudicars involved and if so who are they? As always the author has done her homework and goes into great detail with the weapon making and the strategies of war. She is a master of fantasy.

There is more world building and more characters introduced and the second part of the book gives the reader plenty of action. More elves, dwarves, and plenty of sorcery. Once again J.R. Reid leaves us wanting more as the book ends, so the reader is definitely left ready to read the next book.

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