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Review: 5/5 ⭐ || Awakening

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Awakening is definitely my kind of book! Right from the very beginning I was drawn in. There were a few twists and turns which were exciting and even shocking from the start. I loved how the characters interacted with each other. The main character Christina is on a mission to find out who she is and where she really comes from. She’s wanting to be normal…but what is normal? Through her losses and realizations, Christina is accompanied and supported by her mythic friends.

Awakening is magically enthralling and interesting enough to keep you in the story to know what’s going on next. My only bump was the frequent use of the word “flat” throughout the book. It was an adjustment in my mind because I’m American. It is called an apartment in the United States. Nonetheless Awakening is a book that is very well written and filled with sequential events and never leaves you feeling like the book jumps around. Which is impressive to me!

If you enjoy mythical creatures and fantasy in modern day settings. This is definitely a great, short, clean, and interesting book to read. Well Done…I can not wait to read the next book from Hannah-Louise! Demons, Goddesses, and Magic…I LOVED IT.

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