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Review: 4/5 ⭐ | Masked Intent: A Modern Day Morality Play

Updated: May 30, 2022

A beautiful love story. Following the main character and her turmoil with her family. Realistic and very honest problems in a modern life.

The author guides us through the novel on a deep meaning that to me brought the book to life. The main character keeps others at bay with half truths and lives her basic life or so it seems to the people that don't truly ever get to know her.

All of this changes as her life does. A new, wonderful job and a man she could have only dreamed of. Her world becomes one of power players looking to dominate their influence by any means.

The beauty of the book to me is how the author shows a true account of how so many of us hide behind who we portray to be and who we really are. Also at what point to we draw the line. The author weaves an excellent story of intricacy in the characters relationships.

The book is very well written and detailed which brought the story to life for me. The writing style was new to me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The very complex lead character left me with brutal questions to ask myself about others and myself simply about the truth.

Looking forward to other books from the author. I loved her approach and the dynamics among all of the characters. Very well written romance novel with a good bit of mystery, keeping the reader waiting on the next ordeal. While most importantly each one of us looking into our realistic selves.

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