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Review 4/5 ⭐ | Love for Humanity Poetry

An excellent book of poetry touching on subjects to make an individual a better person. In return this collection of poems has an outline to make humanity a better place in general. With a collaboration here and there added with some poems about nature and what comes to fruition is a recipe for a better place.

A warm and comfortable collection of beautifully realistic poems touching on a range of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of descriptive poetry.

The two collaborative poems on marriage and non marriage to a poet stand out to me. As well as a piece on Covid that seems it will become a historical poem that will stand the test of times.

I recommend Love for Humanity to all lovers of the poetic genre. It has an eloquent and touching reach into the readers heart. It leaves a positive and good vibe as I navigated through the beautiful pages of poetry arranged by the author.

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