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Review: 5/5 ⭐ | A Laff From Lancashire

Updated: May 8, 2022

Poetry is the expression of words through literary art. This book is truly a piece of humorous poetic art! Each verse tells a story as it has meaning and rhyme. I especially liked the poem "Strings" because it is visually brilliant and expresses what the poem is written about.

I'm not familiar with some of the Lancashire lingo. Nonetheless it still made it an awesome read…because it was so cute and witty. I smiled as I was reading. Also there are colorful illustrations that are a very nice added touch! And just as funny as the poems.

Some of the situations the author writes about can be frustrating at times. Although with her wit and humor brought into the poems, those things didn't seem so bad. 😅 I love Poetry and this book definitely takes a different turn on what poetry is. I found it to be a delightful, fun, and witty read.

I enjoyed it! 💗

Click the picture to get a copy!

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