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5/5 ⭐ | The Winning of Lady Wisdom by Sarah Dixon Young

Author Sarah Dixon Young has this extraordinary talent in making “The Winning of Lady Wisdom,” a book classified as a fantasy, feel like non-fiction. This book is inspired by John Bunyan, an oft unknown individual.

According to the Christian History Institute, John Bunyan is an author from the 1600s, imprisoned for holding illegal religious meetings. While in prison he wrote several books, most famously “The Pilgrim’s Progress” which became the most cherished book for English-speaking homes of the time. Like the name suggests, “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” according to Cliff Notes, follows the adventures of a devout Christian, on a pilgrimage to heaven.

Knowing this, after having read “The Winning of Lady Wisdom,” it is easy to see what a phenomenal job Sarah Dixon Young did to bringing this story to present day, making Bunyan’s life, and writing, more understandable and relatable. Having read a few passages of “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” Young certainly had her work cut out for her in updating and reimagining this 1600’s classic.

However, having known none of this at the time of reading, “The Winning of Lady Wisdom” was powerful and inspiring. Some characters you rooted for, others you prayed would come around, and all of it was set amongst the town of Opportunity, full of temptations and good deeds alike. The themes, lessons, and perspectives to be learned from this story are important and serve as a crucial reminder to readers. This Christian fantasy and sci-fi read felt more like a powerful message and story of love, understanding, and enlightenment than fiction. With an influential storyline and moving character development, this was a phenomenal read!

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