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5/5 ⭐ | The Legend of Deputy Jim: The Enemy Series, Prequel by Dan Hendrickson

A western packed full of action that fans will not want to sleep on. It has a great story line with plenty of nice plot twist that keep the reader wanting more!!

The story's main character Jim is very well built up as it gives some back story before he became the deputy. I thought all the characters were very well written into the story and quite classic. There are many situations involving everything from single criminals, a biker gang, all the way to cartels.

There are likely helpers for the main character to others one might not expect. The story comes with plenty of action and resolutions with plenty of violence but nothing over the top. I think its age appropriate for the average reader.

This is an excellent book that I enjoyed very much. I'm never one to try to give many spoilers but I do have to say that the ending was every bit as good as the novel itself.

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