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5/5 ⭐️ | The Killing of A Shadow by J.F. Hilley

An evil mastermind known as the "Shadow" has been on a torturous murdering rampage against the women of Afghanistan and so far has not been caught. Sergeant Alexandra Foster has been deployed on a dangerous mission to stop him once and for all.

Alex is one of those rare characters that can be tough and feminine at the same time. I enjoyed the storyline that had romantic elements to contrast the ever-present ominous tone coming not just from the Shadow but Captain Marcs who assigned the task and has his own cruel agendas.

I recommend this book for military and service people who will instantly understand Alex's good soldier mentality and the weight of her internal conflicts that she carries. I also think feminists will enjoy this female heroine who is very relatable and realistic. The suspenseful nature will intrigue anyone and will keep you guessing things until the end.

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