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An amazing book of introspection that helps lead the reader to a better understanding of life. We can all agree that each of us have a unique and individual path here in this world. It's easy to get lost in clutter and that is for sure. So often we need to stop and ask ourselves many questions about ourselves. This easy to understand book gives the reader many questions to open that inner dialogue within each and every one of us.

I thoroughly enjoyed how the author arranged this book. Starting with a short introduction then diving head first into our sensory perception. Here each of our senses are discussed in pretty good detail. Other highlights to me were how we set boundaries, how acceptance sets you free, unconditional love, and the pleasures cycles of distraction.

I also really liked how the author set up the book so the reader themselves could write a journal of their own as the read the book. This made it easy for me to go back and dive even deeper in retrospect. The way the book is written whenever you see questions, marked by bold type, just grab your journal and answer the question yourself.

I't's not too long of a book so you can get through it fairly quickly and I found it to be a jewel in understanding. All of us look within ourselves to understand who we are and who we want to be; as well as the change we want to create in this world. The obvious place to begin is with ourselves and I think this book is a great aid in asking the questions we seek the answers for!!

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