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5/5 ⭐ | The Journalist by John Reid Young

“The Journalist” opens with heartbreak. Lost love and a beloved career in the British Army gone, Jamie Ryder is in a state of free fall, unsure what to do next. Travelling to London in search of a future outside of the military he stumbles upon a new and intriguing woman. Setting off to find this woman again, Jamie travels solo under the guise of being a journalist to avoid the judgement and questions, eventually getting talked into a sailing adventure to Spain on a yellow yacht.

Beginning with heartbreak and espionage, this story turns what would be a hilarious set of events, if they weren’t so gruesome, into an action packed, romance skimming, sea faring read! Author John Reid Young takes his obvious skill with ships and sea to bring a wholly entertaining story to the page. Spanning beautiful scenery, Young transports readers to the Canary Islands, Ireland, Spain, and all across Europe.

This story has a lot of intermingling parts leaving readers on the edges of their seats for the entirety of the ride. From land to sea, romance to organized crime, “The Journalist” had it all. “The Journalist” appears to just the beginning of Jamie Ryder’s adventures, as this hero and accidental journalist leaves the door open for more.

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