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5/5 ⭐ | THE IMMORTAL by Shana Congrove

Another chiller in The Breedline Series. Once again the author does not disappoint with a concoction of horror meets fantasy with a nice touch of romance. As in another book from this series that I have read, the writer gives the reader superb characters and character building.

Something I enjoyed with THE IMMORTAL is that it can stand on its own. I recall feeling the same way about the other book I read in this series. It's nice that way the reader can get a feel for the story. At the same time if you are a fan of this genre you will want to read them all.

An ancient creature rises up to feast and ends up laying its curse upon the main character who has a special gift of her own. And the race is on because she is on a timeline to resist her bloodthirst before she becomes exactly like what has attacked her.

The creature will stop at nothing to seduce its latest victim while the main character turns to a friend for help. Only to learn her friend is one of the Breedline, a group of wolf shapeshifters.

I liked how the author gives perspectives from all aspects of the characters or at least personal viewpoints from everyone, human or otherwise. With many supernatural beings and happenings, the book keeps your interest from the beginning to the end. A fantastic novel.


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