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5/5 ⭐ | The Diamond Head Deception by James Blakley

“The Diamond Head Deception” kicks off in the corn fields of Iowa, as our main character Luna Nightcrow plows down a crop insurance fraudster, quite literally. As the farming scandal winds down, Luna is on her way to the local airport when the next case, also quite literally, chases her down. Taking readers directly from the plains of Iowa to the beaches of Hawaii, author James Blakley, crafts an exciting adventure in the life of an insurance investigator.

In her newest case, Luna is tasked with finding a missing rare red diamond said to be returning to Honolulu for safe keeping in its native state. However, after the ship it was returning home on is sunk by pirates, Luna is called in to investigate. With a diverse cast of characters, this factually well researched and fun book is an enjoyable read. I’ve never laughed so hard, clinched my teeth so tight, or braced for such a wild ride over water, land, and air as I did while reading “The Diamond Head Deception.”

As someone raised in Iowa, who annually travels to Hawaii, I can say the author was SPOT ON with these locales. From the scenery to the routes travelled, places visited, and things to do, so many of the highlights were captured in this read – both in Iowa and Hawaii. Also, as an employee of the insurance industry this book was a perfect fit! While my life is nowhere near as exciting as Luna’s, her insurance fraud investigating is very hands on and entertaining as she works hard to uncover the truth. This is a quick paced, witty, fun, spine-tingling delight. Luna Nightcrow is a fun and entertaining female MC. Bringing the excitement to the insurance agency, the adventure never seems to end.

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