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5/5 ⭐ | The Becalmer: A Young Adult Science Fiction Adventure by Nick Wilford

What would you do if you had the ability to defuse conflicts with just your mind? Harica has drawn attention to her abilities as she uses her mind to quell school-yard conflicts when peers ask for her intervention. However, her powers draw out the government as they seek someone with her talents to mediate the arranged marriage of Princess Jasmila and Prince Narbert. War has broken out between the Narbrutsi and the Camzhargi over the arranged marriage of Jasmila and Narby. Jasmila is the only holdout to the marriage that would settle a peace amongst the people and stop the senseless killing.

Harica is determined to use her abilities for good and save the lives of millions, but her parents need some convincing. One name stands out among the dead, Harica hopes she can use it to convince her parents to let her travel to another planet to act as the savior to the remaining citizens caught between the fighting.

Author Nick Wilford has created a science fiction adventure that quickly draws readers in. The powers, talents, and mind games of the characters within engage readers to the plot and outcomes. While the character development, personalities, and roles of the parties cement us to the story. Harica and Miriam may present as ordinary teens, but the story Wilford spins with these two at the helm is an extraordinary whirlwind.

Despite the other worldly adventures of Miriam and Harica, and the sci-fi abilities of those within, this read is aptly relatable as the forces of good versus evil, right versus wrong, play out around us here on our own planet Earth. Transporting us within the pages of “The Becalmer,” Wilford has crafted a brilliant story of sacrifice, resilience, and power.

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