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5/5 ⭐ | System Exposed by Julie Jean Evans

System Exposed is very well written. It's like you're literally sitting down with the author as she's telling her story. The narrator did an excellent job in delivering this very emotional and heart wrenching story. It took me quite a while to come back and write a review. Because I just didn't know where to begin on expressing my thoughts and feelings.

The author's story touches on sensitive matters which include abuse, negligence, and mistreatment. It is not typically the type of book that I would read. Since it's a true story and available as an Audiobook, I decided to take a dive. I immediately was drawn in as I began to listen. Which is not always the case when I start an Audiobook. Sometimes the narrator ruins it and I can't continue the book. This is not the case with this one…

I was under the mindset that this kind of neglect, abuse, and emotional tragedies described in Julie's book only happened in America! Therefore I was enlightened that the System can be horrible wherever you go. I would recommend this book for anyone that wants to read a true life story about how the author, Julie Jean Evans, exposes growing up in Australia and the System Exposed.

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