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5/5 ⭐ | Sun Signs, Houses & Healing by Carmen Turner-Schott

I have a huge interest into astrology, an intricate way of using the stars along with when you were born to help navigate positivity in ones life. It can be hard to understand for someone not very familiar with an understanding of how it works.

The author lays it out wonderfully here, so even a novice in understanding can not only comprehend but put to practical use in there life. The author lays out all twelve signs through each chapter giving suggestions on different aspects of life.

Pointers on relationships, how to challenge attributes of your life and make changes that you need to for self healing. I love how the author kept the focus on positivity. The book makes understanding astrology go from a very complex system to a self help system that the reader can understand.

It is an amazing and interesting read about the sun signs and daily living. I look forward to reading more from the author. She definitely has an amazing comprehension of astrology and I look forward to her expanding into moon signs as well as other angles to help others heal and live a better life.

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