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5/5 ⭐ | Spiral into Darkness by Joseph Lewis

Does reading and LOVING three of an author’s books officially make you addicted? Because I think I am addicted to Joseph Lewis’ writing, it’s an easy addiction to fall into with the family and characters his stories center around. The rag tag group of close-knit law enforcement and a family of adopted sons and close friends within makes for the foundation of a phenomenal sequence of plot lines to revolve around.

“The first shot had done the work, but the second shot was for fun” (p. 9).

“Spiral into Darkness” is the most bone chilling and terrifying read of Lewis’ yet. Centering around a serial killer, each death is more frightening than the last as the reader slowly becomes privy to more of the killer’s mind, routine, and patterns. The series of murders taking place seems disconnected and unexplainable. But, as the reader begins to understand the killer’s mind, we can see they are meticulous, calculating, and well versed on their targets.

There is more of a law enforcement presence in this read due to the serial killer nature of the crimes, showing off an even wider range of talent as Lewis shows breadth of knowledge regarding the process and procedure from the investigative perspective. This, coupled with the author’s real-life school counseling experience, combines to create a scary realistic read from the minds of the teens, to the killers, and detectives on the case. With the author’s background amongst various roles within the school setting, the relationships, feelings and interactions between the boys and their friends feels so authentic.

Each book written by Joseph Lewis has given me more and more insight into the writing style, brain, and characters of the author. Each book stands alone, and yet powerfully connects to the next as the Evans family boys navigate life as teenagers, adopted into a family of yet more boys of varying backgrounds, and all while facing some horrific, or soon to be horrific, crime spree. The more I read of Lewis’ work, the more I’m sucked into the characters and crimes he pens so flawlessly.

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1 Comment

Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Apr 21, 2023

Such a terrific interview! Thank you so much!

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