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5/5 ⭐ | Sins of the Son by Thomas Werner

There is a natural tendency for readers to try to guess what’s happening as a book slowly unravels. Half the fun is the theories that formulate in our minds as we are introduced to characters and try to guess their motivations. There is no better book for seducing wild hypotheses out of readers than “Sins of the Son.” I had wild theories and opinions flying through my brain as I read, laughing, and shaking my head at the antics within. As this story finally came to its grand finale, I was so pleasantly shocked and happily outwitted I can only tip my hat to the author’s masterpiece contained within.

“Sins of the Son” is full of hilarious oddities, so well written it rapidly draws the reader in at every page. Asher Delacroix is the son of a cross-dressing, pansexual father. His mother is institutionalized for a vividly detailed encounter that can only truly be understood by reading it for oneself. One day Asher is over-served at a bar and wakes up to find Jay (as in the letter, or the bird) cooking him breakfast and asking him about cabinet wood. From there, Asher’s apartment is slowly overtaken by a rag tag group of individuals, each unique and absurd in their own way. What ensues is one of the most highly entertaining, imaginative, and creative reads I’ve read in a very long time.

Chaos plays across the page as one could expect from an apartment full of more than a dozen diverse individuals. However, author Thomas Werner’s writing and imaginative untangling of Jay’s purpose and group of friends is extraordinary. Entertaining and thought provoking, while also being hilarious and engrossing make “Sins of the Son” a book that sits in a class of its own.

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