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5/5 ⭐ | Raines in the Day by Gene Lee

“Raines in the Day” is aptly named as it follows John Raines through life’s ups and downs. Seating itself as the second book in author Gene Lee’s Raines family trilogy, John Raines is the second of three brothers. Despite this, “Raines of the Day” reads successfully as a standalone.

Kicking off with a perfectly done prologue, introducing readers to a seemingly obscure character, and leaving them wondering how the story will ultimately tie together and unravel itself. Doing exactly that, “Raines in the Day” unwinds in a series of parts, parts which house noteworthy events in John’s life, events that shape the character and make him who he is. Some experiences faced by John Raines would certainly be enough to break any man, while others mark clear lines as to just what type of man John Raines aims to be. But, all of the ups and downs, twists and turns are what make readers fall so deeply into Lee’s writing. The way the story unfolds, and the depth it provides to the second of the Raines brothers is flawless.

John Raines is an impressive man, even if he is only a man of fiction. At its heart, this book is simply just about a man. Yet, the way Lee crafts his characters, their life’s experiences, and the way they carry themselves makes this an exquisite read. For those who like romance, or family drama, or legal action reads, all of that is here in the life of our central character, John Raines. This may be my first Gene Lee novel, but it absolutely will not be my last!

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