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5/5 ⭐ | My House (My House Series Book 1) by M. Marie Walker

“My House” is the perfect series kick off as each character of the family and their loved ones are introduced. Author M. Marie Walker gives enough of a taste of each character, and how they handle adversity to leave you wanting more of each couple. A true family saga with hardships, rock bottoms, drama, and twisted love.

Mike has had a year of suppressing his part in the collapse of his relationship. But after a year of separation, his wife Jakyra returns and forces him to admit to his wrong doings. Her return, along with that of her brothers Jermaine and Johnee show the cracks that have remained hidden in these two deeply intertwined families, connected since childhood. Along with Mike’s younger siblings, Marlon and MyIesha, no holds are barred as these now adults, in relationships of their own, must face their emotions as things begin to boil over, in this fierce family drama.

I loved Mike’s intermittent dreams and childhood memories sprinkled throughout this read as they provided clues and context to the man he is, as his actions play across the page. From his role as big brother, to his part in the separation of him and his wife, as well as his reactions to protect his loved ones, these interwoven glimpses of the past provide a breadth of history and keys to the relationships and emotions.

The conclusion of this book also gives readers a brief excerpt from book two which is sure to leave readers salivating, wondering what is lurking in Mike’s past. Be sure to pick up “My House” book one of the My House Series before the second book arrives later this year!

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