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5/5 ⭐ | Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold by Avalon Soulette Brown

“Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold” opens as most books do, with a dedication. In this case, the dedication to the author’s grandchildren reads, “You are always coming to hug and kiss Nanna, especially when you have runny noses, sneeze, or cough. Nanna loves you. Let us work to keep the germ population down.” And, from the dedication, I was able to immediately relate, as I’m sure most parents and grandparents can!

Soulette is 10 years old. One morning she wakes up not feeling well. As her temp is high, she stays home from school, calling her Nanna, a nurse, to ask where colds like hers come from. Soulette’s Nanna gives sage advice as she explains several sources of germs and how to avoid them. Advice that is especially essential in these cold winter months, on the heels of flu season.

Supported by easy-to-follow illustrations and relatable dialog, “Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold” is a quick and educational read for all school age kids bringing home all the lovely germs to their adults. With just a few tips from Nanna, kids can be better prepared to spot and avoid germs. Readers young and old can appreciate the lessons, advice, and tips Nanna gives while enjoying the engaging pictures and accompanying scenes.

No one likes feeling under the weather, so let author Avalon Soulette Brown’s book grace your bookshelves as you take on the germ population.

Click the book to get your copy today!

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