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5/5 ⭐ | Me and My Shadow memoirs of a cancer survivor by John Walker Pattison

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

In his memoirs the author takes the reader on his personal journey of how cancer changed his life. As a survivor of cancer himself being told he would not make it; however he would go onto to be one of the longest surviving patients in his country.

I found his background and youth that he describes excellent. I felt I got to know him somewhat with his background which involved his love for music. Something I could relate to being an avid fan myself.

After feeling as I knew him a little better I was then blown away by his battle with cancer. He was broken down by all of his treatments something I couldn't even imagine. Discussing the drugs he had to take and the transformation that his body took.

Slowly his illness was taking toll after toll on him. Lymphoma would eventually become his diagnosis after many test and his already declining health. I was very impressed with his telling his family dynamics when he was initially dealing with his cancer.

The author goes into very good details of his treatment of chemotherapy and how he handled the best he could. He discusses his emotions caused by his treatments and cancer, a very real situation that I don't think anyone could understand unless they had been through it.

I love the information given about his time later on of him studying the Lakota Sioux spiritual ways. After all they helped support his recovery. He was told he wouldn't survive but he did. Eight years later he would learn his daughter would be diagnosed with terminal cancer as well but she too would overcome her illness.

John would go on to get educated so that he could help others battling cancer as well. He is truly a beacon of hope and positivity. This is an amazing journey of a man who defied the odds and emerged on top. This is an excellent read and an inspiration to everyone facing problems when the odds are stacked against you. This is a great read for everyone with a lot to learn from one man's journey!!!


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