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5/5 ⭐ | Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play (The Morality Plays Series #1) by Kimberly Greer

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Author Kimberly Greer has made me feel a gauntlet of emotions. As a female I’ve connected and related deeply to Alexa, both in this, book one of The Morality Plays Series, and book two. Alexa is a badass working mom with a daunting career. As a female she protects her heart and is slow to trust after being previously hurt by men. Mateo, her romantic interest throughout these two books, has made me feel visceral emotions. From let-down to anger, attraction, disappointment and then rooting for him, all in the span of a few hundred pages, I feel whip lashed by the emotions Mateo brings out in readers. As Mateo and Alexa navigate whatever this is between them, I certainly appreciated the steam, attraction and sexual chemistry that accompanied them along the ride.

While I ultimately have read this series out of order, starting first with book two “Intermezzo,” I am almost thankful to have done so. Where “Intermezzo” was all about the meeting of Alexa and Mateo, the emotion and tension between two people, it was so clearly a romance, drawing readers in. “Intermezzo” was short and heaping with sexual chemistry, it offered brief glimpses into these two guarded characters with only small undertones of the pasts that so obviously haunt and shape them. So, with “Intermezzo” under my belt, I then took on this, book one “Masked Intent,” and WOW does Greer have impressive range. Where book two really had only two characters with limited depth outside of what they saw of each other, book one offered a more complex layering of characters. Greer has created a world within “Masked Intent” that surrounds Alexa and Mateo’s love, drawing readers in and holding them through the steamy times and the mundane life moments within. Readers get to see badass Alexa at work as she navigates a poisonous client and past, but we also get to see Mateo as he opens up about his own family and history. Even more so, we are given Alexa’s boys’ personalities and glimpses of both their exes. Greer creates a nuanced life for each, with characters that take on real places in our lives and beckon our own opinions and feelings towards each in tangible ways.

It is incredible, these characters Greer brings to life in the pages. Through the eyes of Alexa and Mateo you will go from feelings of anger, to hate, happiness, fear, and back again. She truly brings out the reactions of readers in different, but ever enchanting ways in both book one and two of The Morality Plays Series.

While “Masked Intent” is longer and different than book two, “Intermezzo,” it is so, so enjoyable. I flew through the pages of Alexa and Mateo’s story. “Masked Intent” is more than just a romance, there’s crime, friendships, office drama, children’s personalities, and so many more layers to peel back. This read truly leaves you grasping for more so I’m glad we are promised at least one more in this series after “Intermezzo.”

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