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5/5 ⭐ | Love Changed Everything: The Power of Love by Wallace Briggs

“Love Changed Everything: The Power of Love” is a memoir of Eddie’s life. Eddie’s family lives in poverty as his father, Albert, struggles to remain healthy with his single remaining lung. In a coal town, with generations of coal miners, Albert is determined to keep himself and his family from the mines. With three kids, his parents struggle to make ends meet and money becomes an oft discussed topic within. Anyone that’s every lived penny to penny knows how all consuming the thoughts of the next paycheck or bill can become.

Beginning with Eddie’s earliest memory, at the age of four, and carrying readers well into adulthood, “Love Changed Everything” is an enchanting read. Predominately centered around the year 1960, when Eddie is a mere 17 years old, readers are further introduced to Eddie through his journal entries. This pivotal year housed much heartbreak, struggles, and love as it sets the tone for this book and Eddie’s trajectory. Through these journal entries readers are shown the innermost thoughts and depths of his brain as we understand his life, the proceeding years and the years yet to come.

Author Wallace Briggs highlights the diversity of his talents, off the heels of his Jimmy Crikey series, firmly rooted in the children’s fantasy genre, he delivers this wholly encompassing, deep, and thought-provoking memoir. With sweeping interfaith relationship concerns, to poverty, ambition, and loss, “Love Changed Everything” shows Brigg’s wide breadth of talents.

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