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5/5 ⭐ | Inspirational Word Search For Adults & Teens

I happen to love word search puzzles. Therefore, coming across this book was a treat for me. The paisley bright cover is attractive. Also there are flowers inside the book that make it very aesthetic. Which was nice to look at while doing the puzzles. Each page has an inspirational quote and words that correlate with the quote.

If you have a hard time reading small print then this would be a great puzzle book for you. The print is large and there’s no squinting factors or having to look closely to see the words. I found the puzzles to be challenging and easy at the same time. Some words were not hard to find and others I had to really look for, is where the challenge came in.

Inspirational Word Search Puzzles book is a great book to give as a gift or just to have for yourself. Like many printed word puzzles…the solutions are in the back of the book. Which is appreciated by most when we’re finished or if getting really stuck in the puzzle. Overall I loved this book. It’s inspirational and fun as I search for the uplifting words.

Click the Book to get your Copy!

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