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5/5 ⭐ | Friends With Benefits: FWB by Perdita Bradley

We’ve all heard the term friends with benefits or seen the movies where the two characters try to make such a relationship work. Inevitably someone catches feelings and the whole attempt at remaining casual fails miserably. However, Perdita Bradley’s book “Friends With Benefits: FWB” adds another layer to this classic tale by inserting an ex that still holds a piece of Elaine’s heart.

Elaine hasn’t been to church in some time, so when she catches the eye of a very handsome Chad after the service, she is weary. She hasn’t dated anyone seriously since her ex broke her heart all those years ago. Needing a friend for her alumni reunion coming up, and having some cobwebs of her own, Elaine proposes a friends with benefits scenario, and while Chad is determined to want something more serious he plays along. But, when Eldrick shows up at the alumni events, Elaine realizes her heart still has love for him after everything he’s done. As Chad and Eldrick both seek Elaine’s love, this friends with benefits arrangement is tested.

Author Perdita Bradley does a great job of intertwining two very different men into Elaine’s life. From the God fearing, church attending Chad, to the familiar Eldrick, each brings out different versions of the woman we meet amongst the pages. A lot of feelings, a lot of open-door steamy scenes, and a lot of drama flit across the pages of “Friends With Benefits: FWB” concluding in a spectacular fashion.

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