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5/5 ⭐ | Fred’s First Case by David T. Wolf

Updated: Jan 1

“Fred’s First Case” is the story of two dogs, Bitzy and Fred, who must solve the case and find Bitzy’s missing feline sibling, Fritz. With time running short before Bitzy is blamed and sent back to the pound, Bitzy logically turns to Fred to use his experience as the companion to a police officer to work his investigative magic and find Fritz before time runs out.

Traversing across the city Fred does something he never though he’d do, he starts to care for and befriend cats. But, as the story weaves on, and Fred literally chases down leads, he begins to realize his misconceptions about cats may have been misguided.

Cat and dog lovers alike are sure to enjoy this witty and fun read. From back alleys and tomcats to vet visits and lavish houses with pampered canines, the adventures were never ending as Fred diligently worked to solve his first real case.

Author David T. Wolf brilliantly captured the breed stereotypes as I wholly related to Bitzy’s fast clicking walks as she worked to keep up with Fred’s larger strides, and her high-pitched yaps well known in our own house. Wolf even had my own kiddos engaged in this read, laughing as we read along in Fred’s voice as he suffered allergies in the presence of feline friends, to the edge of their seats as I delivered the play by play of the pound and catnapper events.

Young adults, full grown adults, and kids will all thoroughly find enjoyment as they work alongside Fred to find Bitzy’s feline brother Fritz. Learning to dispel outward appearances and stereotypes, even the toughest breeds of cat and dog can work together for an important cause.

Click the book to get your copy today!

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