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5/5⭐ | Fragments of Remembrance: Finding Lost Boys. By Hampstead Pals.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

A personal and amazing account of the Great War, also known as World War One. The Hampstead Pals are a group of men who study the war, give tours of historical sites and have even discovered many graves uniting soldiers of the war to their families.

The authors of this book have included details of great background to the stories included. There are many wonderful photographs that are very moving to the readers. Between the visual and the many stories there is a connection to the Great War that gives a very clear view into the past.

Over a hundred years later and the Heampsteead Pals have brought history back to life; for knowledge and so it will never be forgotten. I recommend this book to everyone but it is also a must for history fans.

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