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5/5 ⭐ | Dekkar De La Mare: The Chronicles Volume One by Peter Servidio

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Wonderful, exciting, intriguing, there are so many words that come to mind after reading Volume One of the Chronicles of Dekkar De La Mare. Dekkar is the main character of this novel. A protector over his world known as Odious. After over a thousand years of protecting the planet he is put on trial by his own people for casualties that occurred while saving the world from many evils.

Through the trials as well as some history into Dekkar's life we learn of dwarves and a dark Queen who seeks immortality. It is an incredibly described magical universe with great character building. We learn not only of the nefarious evils that Dekkar faces but learn a great deal about his heroic character.

In volume one, he is also reunited with an old friend as well as his son, all during his attempt to keep peace on his planet. With armies of dwarves ready to be on the offensive for the Dark Queen along with mountainous caves being searched for an ancient relic there is a lot going on in this amazing fantasy.

The author's writing is very descriptive and brings the world of Odious to life in detail. The storyline is exciting with a great classic, good versus evil feel to it with some lines of gray scattered about. If your a fan of fantasy in a magical setting, what are you wIting for?? Get a copy now!!!!

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