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5/5 ⭐ | Darkness (Mythics and Mortals Book 2) by Hannah-Louise Smith

“’Darkness is coming for you and all you love Christina Jones. The choices made will change the world forever.’”– p. 17

Whether you’ve been a Greek Mythology fan for decades or this is your first foray into it, author Hannah-Louise Smith expertly writes for all knowledge levels within her Mythics and Mortals series. I don’t know how she does it, but Smith has somehow made this series even better as I FLEW through the pages of this second book in the trilogy.

Christina Elianna Jones, Queen of the Underworld is back in this, book two, “Darkness,” and oh my gods is she back! Right off the heels of the annual charity gala and the excitement that ends book one, Christina is settling into her role as Queen of the Underworld and rumors are circling. Oxyllion is continuing to spark fear and violence as women continue to turn up missing, or worse dead. Christina is determined to stop them at all costs and get the answers she needs.

Readers are sure to gasp audibly at the many twists and turns as book two brings back ALL the characters we fell in love with during book one, and sprinkles in some new personalities (good and bad). “Darkness” serves us more of the existing characters’ back stories, ratcheting up the intensity and emotions. Whiplashing readers between fear, terror, sadness, anxiety, and back again, this read is a thrill ride of mortal and immortal adventure.

Smith once again ends with a devastating cliff hanger that will gut readers, leaving us salivating for more. I am not ready to be done with Christina Jones just yet as she makes for a great heroine, so I can’t wait to dive into book three when it becomes available. This is a series you don’t want to miss!

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