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5/5 ⭐ | Awakening (Mythics and Mortals Book 1) by Hannah-Louise Smith

“Most of the time the awakening of someone’s powers is caused by a powerful uncontrollable emotional event or by puberty.” – p. 84

As a child I was always fascinated by Greek mythology. The interactions between mythics and mortals in stories such as the famed Hercules to that within the pages of the Percy Jackson series, I could never get enough of their conquests and endeavors. And now, author Hannah-Louise Smith has delivered a whole new trilogy to get excited about. Smith’s aptly named Mythics and Mortals series drops readers onto the streets of London and into the world of Christina Jones as we quickly fall in love with this newest Greek mythology series.

Christina Jones is a Londoner abandoned at birth. One dark night, on her walk home from a less than stellar job interview she is attacked. This emotional event awakens something within her, throwing readers into a new world of mythics and mortals as Christina uncovers her true heritage, that of a Greek goddess.

One book in an I am officially a Hannah-Louise Smith super fan! Her writing and her characters are so delectable. Immediately, readers are captivated by Christina Jones, from her sad back story to her fight against her attacker, female readers can immediately relate to their worst fears come to light, being attacked in the dark walking home. From there, Smith’s talent for crafting characters is only beginning. From Sophie and Lucas, the best friends everyone wishes they had, to somehow making Zeus so hate-able, to the perfect pet sidekicks in Cerberus and Lucrecia, readers will delight in all there is to love within these pages.

“Awakening” houses such a realistic world, full of supernatural creatures, demons, vampires, witches, and of course, gods and goddess. Readers can instantly connect to the settings whether it be The Collective’s shopping choices or Persephone’s beautifully curated gardens, this modern spin on Greek mythology and characters within is just what Hercules and Percy Jackson lovers didn’t even know they needed!

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