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5/5 ⭐️ | All Hope of Becoming Human by Lonnie Busch

In my opinion, horror movies of today do not have that hair-raising effect that was once an addiction for me. You know…those type of movies so scary they make you want to cut on your favorite cartoon to evade the nightmares. With the horror movie genre being such a failure at the current time, I was a little skeptical when I stumbled upon a copy of All Hope of Becoming Human. I wondered to myself…Could there be a book that satisfies my childhood longing to be spooked?

From chapter one this book will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what may happen next. The author uses imagery that is so descriptive I felt like I was watching the opening scenes of blockbuster horror film. Officer Washington steps into a tumbledown shack to apprehend a potential subject; the horror that he is confronted with is bone-chilling…

Meet Rebecca Duccati, a rookie archaeologist, eager to begin excavating to gain a better understanding of humanity. Her first job is the unearthing of what she has coined a UMO. (Unidentified Metal Object) A strange series of events reveals to her that being at this excavation site is divine in nature. She is connected to the UMO and its inhabitants in ways that are unimaginable. Rebecca’s destiny is not only tied to mysterious UMO, but also veteran Special Agent Demzey. Demzey is a no-nonsense Special Agent who gets in way over his head. Demzey is one of the first to confront a new threat to humanity. Through the use of keen observation, both characters learn that what is threatening the world may actually be unworldly.

I do not want give too many details because I want your curiosity to peak with every page, just as mine did when you get your copy. The author mentions two other fictional books that he is the creator of: The Fifth World and The Madness We Cannot See. I will be getting copies of both books very soon. This book is so good I just have to see what other work the author has. I can guarantee by the end you will have this same feeling.

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