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5/5 ⭐ | a cry in the dark by Terrance Ang

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved how the author was telling the story to a child. It gave the entire book a sense of learning. That's exactly what it was too. Many of us know someone who has had a stroke. This story was on a different level totally.

The author writes his real account of how a stroke effected his life. From the very beginning to a day to day living with his disability. The struggles, the frustrations, the steadfastness of not giving up hope, and to the triumphs whether big or small. The reader gets a first hand account.

The novel also gives us a look into the health care workers who help the people facing there disabilities. You cant mention health care workers without mentioning the tools and mechanism that help as well. The author brought both of these up and I found that to be informative and excellent.

I highly recommend this novel to everyone. It was an excellent and captivating story!!! These things can happen everyday to all walks of life. This wonderful writing gives us all a very detailed look into the lives of those with disabilities and how things can also come full circle.

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