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5/5 ⭐ | A Cry In The Dark: A Stroke Survivor’s Story of Hope and Recovery by Terence Ang

Wow. “A Cry In The Dark” is a powerfully personal story about the author’s stroke, set amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. The struggles, the triumphs, and all the feelings are splayed across the page in all their rawness, inked both in the words and the illustrations carried throughout.

“A Cry In The Dark” is the author’s retelling of their stroke and the aftermath of recovery, appointments, and emotions. Set amongst a conversation with a child, at a playground, the reader is immersed in Terence Ang’s pain and recovery, every so often coming up for air as the child would chime in, reminding us this story has a happy ending. Emotionally breaking at times as the author describes the burden they felt they were placing on their family, the struggles of returning to work, the drive and determination to walk once again despite a right side that just wanted to stay asleep. The doctors, therapists, and trainers are all included in the author’s plight to return to life as it was before his stroke. Each pushed and motivated Ang. Tying the whole story together are Ang’s talented illustrations, penned in black and yellow, bringing an added depth to the story.

Reminding readers that life is fragile and not to be taken for granted, Ang reflects on his experiences and resilience. This phenomenal read keeps readers engaged through personal illustrations and engrossing storytelling.

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