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5/5 ⭐ | A Better Way to Smile Poems by Eric Bruce Smith

A Better Way To Smile Poems is a wonderful book of poetry and prose. The poems are written straightforward which pulls you to embrace the emotions and meanings behind every word. It allows you to take a deeper look at what the author is deliberating through his poetic literature. 

There's a poem for everyone in this book. It touches on areas that most people have probably found themselves in at one point or another. You will find inspiration, encouragement, contemplation, and spirituality that deals with everyday life. Which encourages the reader to “smile” through even the hard and trying times. 

The poem titled Misunderstood, happens to be the one I loved the most. It resonated with my heart which led me to read it over and over again. Although I did enjoy many of the other poems as well. In this book, Eric pours out his thoughts and experiences by way of literary art to give you hope and a better way to smile. 

A Great Read!

Click the Book to get your Copy!

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