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4/5 ⭐ | The Mental Fight Of Your Life by Freddie Floyd Jr.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

“The Mental Fight Of Your Life” is rooted in God as author Freddie Floyd Jr. takes a refreshing perspective on relationships, walking readers through what is best described as a passionate Bible study conversation.

Beginning with fighting, Floyd Jr. takes a stab at the mental dysfunction, particularly of men, that often goes undiscussed. Specifically, as he relates it to the story of Cain and Abel. One of the more popular Bible stories, of the true first sons, he discusses the dysfunction between them and ultimately the murder that took place in this family. Using this story, he then reflects on general families as we see them today. Going so far as to ask what family doesn’t have dysfunction? Even the very first family had dysfunction, and worse, murder. With this point of view, taking readers back to the very foundation of family drama, we are able to peel back the layers and understand what is needed of us, through God, to achieve better.

“The Mental Fight Of Your Life” is a fruitful Bible study in what it means to love, cherish, and behold of your spouse. At times speaking primarily to men, and others primarily to women. The teachings, learnings, and perspective within are meaningful and important to both genders as we discover the biblical perspective on both sides of the relationship. Women, read up, know what to look for, how to help, where to guide, and from what passages you can draw from as the Bible leads his word. Men, relate, re-learn, and re-apply this thinking and insights in how you approach your relationships and roles.

This book is written as if Floyd Jr. is talking directly to you. This made it easily relatable, but also caused several instances where I read a paragraph twice to ensure I was following the stream of conscious. There were also occasions where I would have enjoyed more references or excerpts from the Bible to further drive home the points being made. While a Bible study doesn’t often allow for verses to be quoted or referenced back to in the heat of the conversation, this written Bible study-esque read allowed for more time to be devoted to looking up verse, immersing oneself in the Bible and this novel simultaneously.

Regardless, those new in their relationship, or those who are seasoned veterans, there is so much to learn, apply, and dive deeper into as author Freddie Floyd Jr. shares his insights and Biblical knowledge.

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