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4/5 ⭐ | How We Healed: a novel by Melody and Arric Fowler.

A story of the journey of life. I really enjoyed this book co-authored by a wife and husband team. A tale of life and it's ups and downs. Things that are worth fhe effort as well as things that in better judgement are not.

It goes through different time periods with the different characters in the book. I felt a strong connection to all these characters. Even though the book was written as a story, I couldn't help but feel I was reading the author's personal story and journey.

My only downside to the writing style was at times I felt I got my timeline confused. It wasnt hard to get back on track at all but with quite a few characters and a good span of time it did happen to me here and there.

Drunetta, the main character had some rough times in life but escaped an abusive relationship with an alcoholic spouse as well as overcoming oppression to make friends with people from religious backgrounds to bar singers. One thing for sure her determination helped her forge through her problems in a time period that wasn't necessarily the case.

All in all I found this book a wonderfully moving story. It was well written, the character building was excellently done sometimes using these other characters to help give clarity into Drunetta's life and situation. It was a hard book to put down, it keeps your attention from start to finish. A definite worthy read!!!

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