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4/5 ⭐ | Culahs by Alicia Weathers-Grey

Excellent romance book with quite a few twist of erotica. From the first page of intense heart throbbing this novel will have the fan of romance books captivated. The two main characters being husband and wife the reader gets a good background on as the book goes on.

The other characters are in the story minimally and the main one is the wife's daughter from a previous marriage. There is plenty of hot scenes for the fans of erotica. There is also a good solid story here. So much so that the only thing I wanted out of the story was more. Hopefully there is a sequel in the works.

I thoroughly enjoyed the age gap between the husband and wife because that is a reality which many authors don't usually touch on. Overall I thought this was a great romance novel that left little to the imagination. So if you enjoy a good sexy love story then you will definitely want to grab a copy.

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