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4/5 ⭐ | A Knock In The Attic by John Russell

I really enjoyed the section on his mother and her experience as a Sunday school teacher and his family's experience at their church. I won't give spoilers but it was very interesting and somewhat a game changer for their church. The reader is also told how he evolved into the person he is today, his beliefs and how he learned to handle his gifts.

There are many accounts of his supernatural meetings with ghost, unexplainable floating orbs, to his own possible encounter with a UFO at Roswell. The reader is given a first hand narrative on how at times he was saved by his guardian angels. Another section I really enjoyed was the discussion of doppelgangers as well as his experience at Ford's theater.

There are a lot of really good paranormal events discussed in this book by the author and most are discussed in depth. I am definitely a fan of his positive attitude of communicating it to the reader giving an overall sense of openness and nothing to be afraid of concerning the paranormal. At the same time I am sure there is plenty of things that we should fear. An overall great read and I recommend it!

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